Valach Motors

VM 60 S1-4T in a 2,7m Tiger Moth

These two stainless steel tubes make adjusting the needles safe and easy, even with the engine running the screw driver cannot slip off the screw head.

This is the cutout in the firewall to allow the cooling air to pass through and exit from the front cockpit. This forces the airflow lay direct onto the cylinder and ensures that also the rear of the cylinder is well cooled.

Short and light pushrods for throttle and choke butterfly do not vibrate so much, thereby reducing wear and considerably increasing the carburetor life.

The servos are mounted on self-made wooden mountings, these are screwed to the fuselage walls from outside, simple and accessible, making servicing easy.

Here you can see the servo tray mounting screws, the screw heads show the mounting angle of the servo tray. The VM 60 with four 23 mm standoffs #7339 from the VM 120 fits exactly under the cowl.

Again the lead in tubes for the screw driver.

The placement of the throttle and choke servos – unusual but very effective.

The silencer is mounted with the fixing clamp #2597 onto a 6.5 mm plywood beam. I have fixed the oil collector jar on the front side of the firewall.

Here you can see the silencer through the cutout in the front cockpit former. The cooling air exits through the front cockpit, the windscreen serves to create a very good suction effect.