Valach Engines

Gallery VM 60 S1-4T

The tubing, we have warped arround the carburetor for this picture, actually is the crancase vent line.

The Valach VM 60S1-4T frontal aerea is extraordinary slim. This engine will fit inside the narrowest cowlings.

The VM 60S1-4T crankcase is CNC milled from solid Aluminum and anodized silver-grey.

The crankcase and cylinder bolts are solid M5 thread; no flimsy M4 screws to save a little weight – on the wrong end!

On request, the Valach VM 60S1-4T is available with the crankcase and valve cover anodized in this red color.

Six M5 prop bolts and the same pattern as on the DA-150 make for a very solid prop fixing.

The exhaust flange is directed 20 degrees outward from engine center line.

Both valve push rods are driven by the same camshaft, saving in weight, parts and friction.

The carburetor is not simply hanging on the suction tube, a bracket is bracing it against the cam gearbox.