Tiger Moth 3,19

For a very long time, Paolo Severin wanted to produce a super scale Tiger Moth kit with a real steel tube fuselage using square tube longerons, just as in a full-size de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth. Words are not enough to describe Paolos new masterpiece!


Piper J3 & PA18

This kit has been in production since 1976. Nobody could foresee what a revolution in the radio controlled model aircraft hobby this combination of Quadra and Toni’s Piper would cause. Thousands of modelers have built their first big model with this Piper. Many have had such pleasure with the Piper they have built several more.


Fokker E.I

This kit represents the true state of the art and exactly reproduces the real plane. The yoke is actuated by the servos and controls the wing warping and the elevator.


Piper L4 „Grasshopper“

The L-4 was used extensively in World War II for reconnaissance, transporting supplies, artillery spotting duties, and medical evacuation of wounded soldiers. The L-4's slow cruising speed and low-level manoeuvrability made it an ideal observation platform.


Piper J3 CUB

The Taylor E-2 Cub first appeared in 1930, built by Taylor Aircraft in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Sponsored by William T Piper, a Bradford industrialist who had invested in the company, the E-2 was meant to be an affordable aircraft that would encourage interest in aviation.


Bü 133 Jungmeister

The Bü133 Jungmeister version, aerobatic single seat, was achieved by downsizing the two-seat Jungmann and replacing the 80 HP in line engine with the 160 HP radial Siemens. A true thoroughbred world class aerobatic was born and it dominated the contest circuit for over twenty years.


Fieseler Storch

Conceived by chief designer Reinhold Mewes and technical director Erich Bachem, Fieseler's entry was by far the most advanced in terms of STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) performance.


Le Bleriot

As everybody knows, the fame of this aircraft was born on July 25, 1909, when Louis Blériot, at the crazy average speed of 62 km/h , completed the first aerial flight across the English Channel and in doing so, he won the prize of 1000£ sterling from the Daily Mail.

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