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Tiger Moth 1:2,8

Fokker E.I 1:2,5

Piper L4 1:3


Fieseler St. 1:4

Bleriot 1:4

Piper J3 Cub 1:4

Philosophy of Paolo Severin

Simply like a real plane

In order to build a magnificent scale model, there is nothing new to invent, but you only have to make the most faithful replica of the real plane.
I discovered this simple truth when I built my first Fieseler Storch which had a welded steel tubing fuselage same as for the full size. The final result was simply astonishing!
Thanks to this type of skeletal structure which one can admire by looking through the cabin glazing and can also be imagined under the fabric covering, the model looks extremely realistic. You are not in front of the same old big scale model, but of a real, true-to-scale aircraft. These aircraft (I apologize, but I really can’t call them simply “models”) are not only a pleasure to the eye, but their flight characteristics are incredibly similar to those of the real ones. I obtained these results thanks to the large scale adopted and through a rigorous and carefull work on the original plans and airfoils.

But there is more: unlike what one would imagine, these stainless steel structures are not only extremely strong, but also very light, much lighter than their traditional balsa/ply counterparts.

Let’s take an example: a traditional quarter scale replica of a Fieseler Storch weighs around 17 kgs, but my Storch weighs only 11,5 kgs and in comparison, is much much stronger.

In my kits nothing is left to chance, every modeler can finish the work making his own unique masterpiece, a wonderful replica which can withstand a lot of abuse, and even the hardest landings. Anyway, small repairs and servicing are simple and straightforward.

The operational life of these small aircrafts, is bound to be similar to that of their beautifully preserved full-size brothers who are still flying today after so many years, are still giving wonderful emotions and great satisfaction to their owners.

Paolo Severin

Paolo Severin with his marvelous Fokker E.I at the ProWing show Bad Sassendorf 2014.

Rudder and fin of the 33% scale Bücker are entirely made of stainless steel.


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