Super Scale Kit

Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister M 1:3

  • Stainless steel tube sandblasted fuselage
  • Stainless steel tube sandblasted tail planes
  • Functional undercarriage and tail wheel
  • Wheels
  • Streamlined scale struts
  • Cables and linkages
  • CNC-cut fuselage panels and functional doors made from aeronautical quality aluminium
  • Detailed Fibreglass cowling with built-in front steel ring
  • Fibreglass wing fairings
  • Vacuum-formed formed fairings
  • CNC-cut plywood parts
  • Pre-bent plywood leading edges
  • Cedar and Obeche spars
  • CNC-cut nylon jig for building the scale ribs with Linden and Obeche strips
  • Special spars made from Balsa and Fibreglass
  • Scale aileron hinges
  • Carbon fibre tube and linkages for the elevator control
  • Vacuum-formed formed seat
  • Rolled colour plans
  • Photo Building Manual
  • Screws and laser cut stainless steel accessories

Required for completition: glue, covering material, radio equipment and engine.

A few words about the full-size Bücker Bü133 Jungmeister

Carl Clements Bucker was born near Koblenz, Germany in 1895. He was a seaplane pilot for the German Imperial Navy during WWI and in 1921 moved to Sweden where he founded the Svenska Aero AB which became later the current SAAB. In 1933 Bucker went back to Germany together with the young engineer Anders Andersson, and six months later, on April 27 1934, the test pilot Joachim von Koppen flew the Bucker Jungmann, a two-seat biplane that in 1936 was chosen by the Luftwaffe as a basic trainer.

A large production was made under license by the Swiss branch of Dornier and the Spanish C.A.S.A., who built almost all the planes existing today.

The Bü133 Jungmeister version, aerobatic single seat, was achieved by downsizing the two-seat Jungmann and replacing the 80 HP in line engine with the 160 HP radial Siemens. A true thoroughbred world class aerobatic was born and it dominated the contest circuit for over twenty years.

Bü 133 Jungmeister

Airplane Specifications

Scale: 1:3 (33%)
Wingspan: 2.20 m (86.6 in)
Length without engine: 1.92 m (75.6 in)
Wing area: 1.21 m² (1876 sq in)
Weight without engine and radio: 8.5 kg (18.8 lb)
Max. weight:
approx. 18 kg (approx. 40 lb)

Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister kit with scale-ribs OrderNo. #8700 4200.00€

Engine: 50 to 150 cc

Projected and drawn by Paolo Severin September 2009.

Option: Instrument panel kit Bü 133, OrderNo. #8700, 95.20€

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