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Toni Clark practical scale

Dear Modeler,

The name TONI CLARK stands for excellence in scale aero models. Experience shows that the average hobby modeler is able to assemble them with ease, and fly them with pleasure.

We are a direct marketing company, this is the reason we can offer the finest quality products at very competitive prices.

Toni Clark

What is it that makes our kits so good?

  • Ribs, formers and other shaped parts are either CNC milled with a high frequency spindle running at 60,000 rpm or profile belt sanded to shape. There is no ragged die stamping with our kits, or the charred edges from a laser cutter.
  • We carefully select all Balsa and timber at the log and finished stage. Paired parts are matched for weight and hardness.
  • Before we commence production the prototype is exhaustively tested.
  • Our kits are really complete, spinners, tanks wheels, control linkages and so on, you need only glue and covering material.
  • We use not only standard self tapping screws but expensive Hex socket screws with safety nuts where we consider these to be necessary.
  • You can of course ring us when you come up against a problem which is causing you difficulty. Tel. (0049) 5741 5035

About us

Our history



Start-up year of the Practical Scale Company in Britain.


TONI CLARK relocated to Germany and launched his new Practical Scale Company.


TONI CLARK was awarded exclusive rights to import, and distribute QUADRA engines throughout Germany. This marked the beginning of the ‘large model’ era.


Was the year that Toni Clark and Gerhard Reinsch—who had recently gained his Degree in Aeronautical Engineering—cemented their partnership. Reinsch has been building model aircraft for as long as he can remember.


The year that the TONI CLARK-GERHARD REINSCH practical scale Company imported their first TITAN ZG 38. Right away this highly praised engine was a winner.


The Company moved to new factory premises.


The Company moved to new factory premises.


The year we began to service and distribute DA Engines in Europe.


Our company was awarded the exclusive distribution rights, for VALACH four-stroke engines, throughout western Europe.


We expanded our range to include Paolo Severin Super Scale Kits.


Sadly, after a short but severe illness, our founder, Toni Clark, passed away on June 5th., at age 81. He will always be missed, and his memory fondly respected, by the entire staff of, Toni Clark practical scale GmbH. I shall continue to manage the company, as I have done for many years.


Paolo Severin retired and from now on the Paolo Severin Super Scale Kits are produced by Toni Clark practical scale in Luebbecke: “Italian design made in Germany“.


Gerhard Reinsch and René Neumann are now managing directors with equal rights. René has also been a model pilot since early childhood, Bachelor of Engineering and has been my right-hand man since 2011.


Gerhard Reinsch died on August 07 at the age of 64 years, because of a serious illness. Gerds purpose in life was the company Toni Clark and so he decided early on that Renè Neumann should lead the company Toni Clark practical scale GmbH in his interest.

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Toni Clark

Our workshop

Take a look at our workshop! Here we build scale models and store materials and tools. Come and visit us for a little tour through out creative workshop!