Super Scale Kit

Le Bleriot M 1:4

  • All metal parts are ready for assembly (sandblasted stainless steel)
  • Scale landing gear
  • Spoked wheels ready to use
  • Comprehensive mechanism for wing twisting
  • Functional cloche
  • Tapered longerons, made from Cedar, ready drilled and curved
  • All the fuselage cross braces are machined to size
  • CNC-cut ribs
  • Cedar spars
  • Covering fabric
  • Cables and accessories
  • Rolled full scale colour plans
  • Photo Building Manual

Required for competition: glue, radio equipment and engine.

A few words about the full-size Blériot

The Blériot certainly can’t be defined as a nice looking aircraft. The fuselage is the least aerodynamic that you can imagine, the wing is stocky, the landing gear is very complicated, and the front view looks like the frame of a sliding door. Somebody once said it looks less like an airplane and more like a wheelchair. But, like many ugly things, it has some kind of fascination and the more you look at it, the more you are attracted to it. This is the way it happened to me.
As everybody knows, the fame of this aircraft was born on July 25, 1909, when Louis Blériot, at the crazy average speed of 62 km/h , completed the first aerial flight across the English Channel and in doing so, he won the prize of 1000£ sterling from the Daily Mail.

With this success, the Blériot was qualified as the most reliable aircraft of the time and the orders started coming in. The plane became the preferred aircraft of many national fledgling air forces and was built under license by numerous aircraft companies. Naturally the production line varied a lot and, if you look at the old photographs, there is not a Blériot similar to the one before. Most likely every buyer ordered his aircraft personalized.
The major differences were the various types of engines, the tail feathers, and the rear wheel or skid. The stab/elevator configurations were:
Upper or lower camber of different values divided in three sections (the design I chose for my model).
The one self-stable in two sections (a stab and elevator).
Taube type stabilizer in one piece and controlled by warping the trailing edge.
There were three primary designs of tail gear: bicycle wheel, cross skids made out of wood like a Tonet Chair, or a wooden skid mounted on springs (the one chosen for my model).
In designing my model I followed the same design of a 1910 aircraft designer and I built it as for my feelings and personal requirements.


Airplane Specifications

Scale: 1:4 (25%)
Wingspan: 2.17 m (84.4 in)
Length: 1.84 m (72,4 in)
Wing area: 0.96 m2 (1488 sq in)
Weight: 5 kg (11 lb)

Complete Kit Blériot 25% OrderNo. #8850 2388.00€

Recommended engines: Saito FA-170R3 or FA200R3 27 cc 3-cylinder Radial.

Projected and drawn by Paolo Severin in 2009.

Image: All the fuselage cross braces come ready spindled. The fuselage is assembled like the full-size, the cross braces are kept in place by U-shaped fittings and bracing wires.

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