Desert Aircraft Engines

DA- 60

  • Excellent power to weight ratio and structural integrity.
  • Out turns a DA-50R by 600+ RPM on equal props.
  • Consistent engine performance at all flight attitudes and throttle settings.
  • Aerobatic power curve.
  • Rigid integral engine mount allows mounting without standoffs and thereby reduces vibration.
  • Same bolt pattern as the DA-50R on engine mount and prop hub.
  • Silencers and tuned pipes designed for the DA-50R are perfect for the DA-60 using the same header length.
  • Exclusive Desert Aircraft designed cylinder, piston and crankshaft.
  • Titanium prop shaft extension.
  • CNC milled, 7075 T-6 alloy crankcase.
  • Long conrod with gudgeon pin located very near to piston crown to reduce side loads.
  • Walbro Carburetor.
  • Four petal DA reed valve.
  • Electronic ignition with auto advance and retard.
  • DA engines are designed using the latest tools and techniques, including 3D CAD and Stereo Lithography.
  • Rapid spares delivery and repair service from Germany by Toni Clark practical scale GmbH.
  • 3 Years Guarantee* by Toni Clark practical scale GmbH.

The DA-60 is the latest high performance offering from Desert Aircraft for planes in the 50cc to 70cc class. At only 1410 g (3.1 lbs), the power to weight ratio is excellent.

The DA reed valve and Walbro carburetor are well matched, providing consistent engine performance at all flight attitudes and throttle settings. Throttle and choke arms are pre-installed.

The engine delivers superb performance while maintaining excellent structural integrity. The rigid integral engine mount and robust, well balanced crankshaft ensure smooth operation. Depending on firewall location, the engine can be mounted without stand offs or spacers, which further eliminates vibration.

The DA-60 with its integral mount weighs less than the DA-50R with standoff mounts, and shows lower vibration levels than the DA-50R. With equal props, the DA-60 out turns the DA-50R by 600+ rpm!

The crankcase is CNC machined from 7075 T6 alloy, while titanium is used for the prop shaft extension.

The exhaust port shape lends itself well to standard style mufflers or tuned exhaust systems that use round headers. This is the same cylinder and piston as used on the well proven DA-120 twin.

As with all DA engines, each DA-60 is thoroughly test ran at the factory before shipping. The best service and support in the industry!



60.5 cc (3.7 c.i.)


1410 g (3.1 lbs)

including Ignition

1517 g (3.34 lbs)

Typical RPM Range

1200 - 7200 1/min


9500 1/min

Menz 2-Blade

22x10", 22x12", 23x8", 23x10", 24x8", 24x10"

Super Silence Carbon 2-Blade

23x12", 24x10", 24x12"

Super Silence Carbon 3-Blade

22x10", 22x12"

Aerobatic aircraft weight

7 to 10 kg (16 to 21 lbs)



Fuel Type

BEL RAY H1R / Aral Ultimate 102

We recommend the use of Aral Ultimate 102 and a good synthetic two stroke oil like BEL-RAY H1R.

Original DA Fuel Dot “Tankcap with DA-Logo”

The DA Fuel Dot serves as a cap for filling the tank. Very neat and workmanlike appearance.

The cap has an O-ring which holds it in the bezel. The red anodised screws have an English thread and these must be screwed into the fuselage wood covering as a self tapping sheet metal screw would be.

Diameter 34 mm, Weight including screws 16 g.

Die rot eloxierten Aluschrauben haben Zollgewinde. Man soll sie, ähnlich wie Blechschrauben, ohne Muttern direkt in die Rumpfwand schrauben.

Durchmesser 34 mm, Gewicht mit Schrauben 16 g.

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