3 Years Guarantee

for our Desert Aircraft-Engines!

This guarantee covers the engine and ignition components in addition to any legally required Guarantee.

The following conditions apply:

The Guarantee is for 3 years from date of puchase.

The serial number on the engine must not be damaged, defaced or removed. The purchase date and the engines serial number is registered by us.

The aluminium cylinder fixing screws must not be tightened or the engines taken apart by the customers. The aluminium cylinder fixing screws can fail when the engine is running if they have been removed and refitted, or when they have been overtightened by unskilled hands.

These engines must run only with the recommended two stroke petrol oil mixture. The use of Methanol fuels nullifies the guarantee.

These engines may only be used with the original ignition.

The guarantee includes the ignition units, the maximum permissible voltage (6 V) must not be exceeded at any time and the polarity must not be reveresed. Mechanical damage to the cables is not covered by the guarantee.

The guarantee is that we replace any defective parts free of all labour and material costs and pay only the return postage and packing. This guarantee covers only the engine and can in no way be construed to cover anything else.

The guarantee can in no way be construed to cover crash damage or any following affects of a crash.

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