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Titan ZG 80B

This engine is a masterpiece, it has got to be, it is made by Komatsu Zenoah’s engineers. Komatsu engineers are doing what they do best, anyone can see this by just taking a quick glance at this new Zenoah twin. This engine is not a collection of industrial and purpose made parts put together by amateurs in spare time. It is a professionally designed and built engine from start to finish.

The cylinders of the new Titan ZG 80B have had the bore size increased, which of course means new pistons and rings. Outside measurements and components are exactly the same as the ZG 74B. The only visible difference is the addition of the three longitudinal ribs on the outermost cooling fin.

Note the extremely small offset between the cylinders, this reduces vibration to a minimum. The beautifully cast intake manifold is laying as flat as humanly possible onto the motor.

The vastly superior CD Magneto Ignition, using rugged standard size resistor spark plugs, but in spite of these, this twin is only 257 mm wide over all. Flying is such fun, it is enough that you must concern yourself about the fuel level without having to worry about an ignition battery. The ZG 80B is supplied with screened HT-cables.

Fuel: Lead-free petrol – BelRay H1R 50:1.



80 ccm  


40,5 mm  


31 mm


With Tuned Pipe

7,0 hp  

Open Exhaust

6,0 hp  

Standard Silencer

5,4 hp  

Weight (without Silencer)

2870 g  

Three bearing supported crankshaft. High quality die-cast aluminium crankcase. 5 Years Guarantee!

Only one carburettor for ease of adjustment and throttle linkup. Piston porting for simplicity and reliability, so no need for troublesome flutter valves or complicated rotary inlet valves. Experience has shown us the single heavy duty propeller fixing screw is the best. No mechanically unsound, and dangerous, multi screw propeller fixing.

Suitable propellers are the Menz-S-two blade 22×12, 24×10, 24×12, 26×8 and 26×10. From the Menz-S three blade propellers you can use the 21×12, 22×10 and 22×12. Ideal for quieter running is the 22×12 and 23×12 Super Silence 3-Blade Carbon prop. For best performance use the 24×12 Super Silence 2-Blade Carbon prop.

The ZG 80B is supplied with two silencers, spark plug spanner, motor mount and our Easy-Start System. Lightweight stainless steel silencers, header pipes, intake trumpet and longer propeller hubs are available.

Titan ZG 80B

Power- and Torque Curves

These curve charts were made by Dietrich Altenkirch. They are taken from his exhaustive test report of the Titan ZG80B in the German magazine “Modell” dated June 2003.

By “Serien Expansionsschalldämpfer” ( = standard silencers), Dietrich means the industrial ones supplied with engine.

For comparison the power and torque curves of the Titan ZG 74B with standard silencer are drawn.

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