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Pitts Special

This kit is without equal in quality, design, contents and price. All measurements have been taken exactly from the drawings of the Pitts Aerobatic Company Plans. The models construction hardly deviates from the full-size aircraft. The fully sprung landing gear, the fixing of the top wing and the struts all work the same as the full-size.

Image: The black and yellow Pitts built by Georg Schmid. This colour scheme stems from the full-size aircraft flown by the American Mary Gaffany. She became world champion for the ladies at Salon de Provence in France in 1972. At the same date the Texan Charlie Hillard in his famous red Pitts, won the men’s world championship. The Mylar transfers supplied in our kit depicts his “Red Devil 1“ Pitts.

Stable flight characteristics

One often hears that the Pitts as a model is something to avoid, it is difficult to take off and land. This may be true of some model Pitts, but not with our conventional wood Pitts. This ease of flying is all a question of model size, wing loading, power to weight ratio, CG position. Even so, the landing speed you will of course realize is somewhat faster than that of a normal trainer such as Graupners Taxi. Our Pitts reacts precisely and is at the same time docile. The landing is certainly not difficult. When you have had experience with a two wheel model such as our Piper then you be able to handle our Pitts with ease!

Image: Georg’s Pitts on the IFM grounds in München (Munich). Entering for the Münchener Kindl Pokal Scale Contest in 1975 was the beginning for Georg, my brother Burkhard and myself with scale model aircraft.

Extremely quiet with out Hydro-Mount-System

In the light of experience it is best to power the Pitts with the Titan ZG 62SL and the Hydro Mount System. With the 62 our Pitts exceeds the newest originals vertical performance. The ZG 62SL and the Hydro Mounting System designed for the Pitts HMS #6650 with the stainless silencer #6650 fits under the cowl. This engine combination gives a fantastic power to weight ratio as well as the minimum sound level. Our Pitts can easily cope with this enormous power from the 62.

Several of our customers have powered their Pitts with the Titan ZG 74 or even the ZG 80 and are more than pleased with the results. With the stainless silencer #7472 and the 60 mm propeller hub, the ZG 80B fits under the Pitts cowl. The longer propeller hub causes the engine’s CG to be set more rearwards thereby avoiding nose heaviness due to the extra weight of the engine.

Image: The Titan ZG 62SL with Pitts HMS #6705, Stainless steel silencer #6650, and self made intake bend fitted to my Pitts with the CAP 21 undercarriage.

Our Pitts - a scale model for aerobatics!

You will find our Pitts has a superb Aerobatic performance, the knife edge flying and flick rolls are remarkable. The stall is not so violent, the ailerons are effective past the stall and the nose just drops so long as you keep the rudder straight. The tough and light structure can withstand very hard landings and any amount of violent aerobatics.

Image: Another photo of Georg´s Pitts.

Pitts Special

Airplane Specifications

Scale: 1 : 3 (33 %)
Wingspan: 1.725 m (68 in)
Length: 1.55 m (61 in)
Wing area: 1.00 m2 (1555 sq in)
Weight: 7.5 – 9 kg (16.5 – 20 lb)
Wing loading: 75-90 g/dm2
Engines: 50 – 80 cc

Three View Drawing

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