Desert Aircraft Engines

DA- 35

  • New designed electronic ignition can be operated directly on two LiPo cells.
  • Excellent power to weight ratio and structural integrity.
  • Consistent engine performance at all flight attitudes and throttle settings.
  • Aerobatic power curve.
  • Exclusive Desert Aircraft designed cylinder, piston and crankshaft.
  • Aluminium prop shaft extension.
  • CNC milled, 7075 T-6 alloy crankcase.
  • Long conrod with gudgeon pin located very near to piston crown to reduce side loads.
  • Walbro Choke-Carburetor with Desert Aircraft four petal reed valve.
  • Rapid spares delivery and repair service from Germany by Toni Clark practical scale GmbH.
  • 3 Years Guarantee* by Toni Clark practical scale GmbH.

The crankcase of the DA-35 is as on the DA-50 unbelievably compact and very light, which is only possible due to the single counter balance weight on the crankshaft. Each crankcase is CNC machined from the solid, using aircraft alloy 7075-T6. The light cylinder with thin cooling fins and such details as the Aluminum alloy propeller shaft makes possible the extreme light weight without incurring any loss of structural integrity.

The entirely new designed ignition of the DA-35 has a Voltage range of 4.5-8.4 Volts and can be operated directly on two LiPo cells. The screening is protected against wear by a flexible coating. Another new feature is the HT cable of the new DA-Ignition, which can be changed easily.

The reed valves designed by Desert Aircraft, and the Walbro carburetor, have been perfectly matched to the engine to achieve even running in all attitudes and throttle settings. A throttle lever is fitted to the carburetor.

Before delivery, as with all DA engines, every DA-35 is thoroughly test run and the carburetor settings fixed. The worldwide DA service and support is unique.

A DA-35 is the ideal engine for your model in the 30-40 cc class!



35 cc


950 g

including Ignition

1040 g


1200 - 7200 1/min

Menz 2-Blade


Super Silence Carbon 2-Blade

20x8", 21x8"

Super Silence 3-Blade




Fuel Type

BEL RAY H1R / Aral Ultimate 102

We recommend the use of Aral Ultimate 102 and a good synthetic two stroke oil like BEL-RAY H1R.

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