Gallery Kit Contents

Albatros DVa

GRP fuselage with the wood grain formed in the white gelcoat and moulded in scale formers and stringers. The firewall is already fitted with crown nuts for the engine fixing. All the holes for joining the wing and tailplanes are formed in the wing and tailplane stubs, also the holes in the king post for the rudder hinges are drilled.

This closeup shows one of the eight aluminium reinforcements to take the undercarriage and the scale formers and stringers in the cockpit. All these parts have been CNC milled and fitted accurately into the wet laminate, making the joint really strong, without the unsightly “runs” of epoxy resin spoiling the view.

In the cockpit area, the fuselage is planked inside with these CNC cut 0.4 mm plywood panels.

The tailplane is made from sandwich Rohacell-GRP construction. When painted, you cannot see any difference to the classic rib construction, with sewn rib tapes and the covering material charcteristicaly slightly sinking between the ribs.

GRP top and bottom engine cowling, access hatches, GRP scale spinner, GRP wheels and axle fairings.

The engine cooling baffles are made from GRP.

The undercarriage units, made from stainless steel oval formed tubing, are completed with silver soldered fixing parts. They are ready to bolt to the fuselage.

The centre section struts, made from stainless steel streamline tubing, are completed with silver soldered fixing parts and fittings for the wing bracing. They are ready to bolt to the fuselage.

GRP leading edges with integrated wing tips, ailerons ready made from thin wall stainless tubing.

Spandau machine guns made from GRP and casting resin, CNC milled parts and stainless steel. The rear brace is made from stainless oval tube, exactly like it was used on the full-size to save weight. There are no wooden parts, so there is no irritating wood grain visible on steel components – now or ever.

The very light but robust Mercedes imitation engine is made from hand laminated GRP (black) and casting resin (yellow) parts. NO wood or vacuum formed plastic here.

Leather pilots seat made from very light GRP with seat rails in the foreground.

Three different shaped windscreens to choose from and the preformed aluminium base frame. The cockpit coaming is real leather.

Vacuum formed scale fuselage hatches, MG fairing, venting louvres and instruments casings.

The spoked wheels fitted to the full-size Albatros were fitted with aluminium covers. Our kit wheels are laminated with Epoxy and Glassfiber. They are far stronger than plastic wheels, and a lot lighter than spoked steel wheels. The tailskid is shaped in solid ash.

You will not find any burnt wood edges in our kit. Instead of laser cutting, we prefer the rather more time consuming and expensive CNC milling. There are also some 3D milled wood parts in the kit. You cannot make these with a laser cutter. The center section cutout bow on the left is laminated balsa.

Close up of 3D CNC milled reinforcing ribs.

CNC cut wing ribs.

From left to right: Wood blocks for the wing jig. CNC cut horns and rudder servo lever. Aileron leading edges milled and cut to lenght. Pre shaped stainless tubing lower wing tips. Kevelar roving for the trailing edge. Ready milled wing struts with pockets to take the fittings, no tedious adjustment work required here.

The Intricate Teeves water cooler kit.

CNC milled parts for the battery box, receiver box, carburettor box and silencer shielding.

The parts for the jig to adjust the CS position and incidence.

CNC cut parts for the engine cooling, fuel tank installation and more.

Parts for rudder and elevator.

Wheel bushings, CNC cut beech wood aileron horn bases and some wood dowels. The impregnated paper tube is used for a sanding block.

Thinwall, high tensile aluminium alloy tubing for the spars results in an incredibly light, but torsionally stiff wing. In the foreground a few balsa strips and an oval shaped white plastic tube for the servo leads.

The kit includes all the required nuts and bolts and small accessories.

Nylon covered multi strand stainless wire and crimping sleeves. Copper- and steel wire.

Ready shaped and bent strut fittings and aileron hinges, strong turnbuckles made from steel, tail skid bearing, Carbon push rods and more.

Cable ties, Robart dowel hinges with sockets and ballinks.