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VM 210 B2-4T Mk.2

Image: Like on the VM 120 B2-4T, the valve train of the new VM 210 B2-4T Mk.2 is fully encapsulated, improving rocker arm lubrication and the valve train runs quieter. The crankcase of the VM 210 B2-4T Mk.2 is manufactured from solid aluminum and guarantees highest strength with a low weight.

  • Completely encapsulated valve train
  • CNC milled crankcase
  • Sensational smooth running and high torque
  • Spontaneous throttle response and smooth mid-range transition
  • Extremely low vibration throughout the RPM range because of the four stroke principle
  • Honda valves and valve seats
  • Walbro carburetor
  • Valach microprocessor controlled ignition with auto advance and retard
  • An ignition integrated voltage converter allows the use of two LiPo cells
  • VM-engines are now being produced with state of the art machines and methods
  • Rapid spares delivery and repair service from Germany by Toni Clark practical scale GmbH

The VM 210 B2-4T has been projected together with the VM 170 B2-4T, sharing the same crankcase, pistons and cylinder heads. A new, longer stroke crankshaft, longer cylinders and new steel connecting rods are responsible for the increased stroke, more torque and significantly more power output.

Just like the VM 170 B2-4T Mk.2 the VM 210 B2-4T Mk.2 is an exceptionally smooth running engine. The immediate and smooth reaction to the throttle, without the slightest surge, makes the VM 210 a first class power plant, not only for glider towing, but aerobatic models up to 25 kg AUW, without a noise problem, with well over 30 kp static thrust to catapult the model into the air. Once there was an advertisement by Curtis Pitts with the headline “going up in style”, this describes very well the experience when flying my big Pitts with the 210B2-4T Mk.2.

Being a four stroke with a large capacity of 105cc per cylinder, causes a very realistic full-size aircraft sound. If required, even with a relatively small silencer the sound level is very low, rather like a small saloon car.

The Valach 210B2-4T Mk.2 is a four stroke OHV engine running on petrol/oil mixture. Valves and their seats are manufactured by Honda, ensuring a very high quality. The completely enclosed valve train reduces sound, as well as ensuring the rocker arms are well lubricated. Due to the steel cylinder liners this engine will have a long life.



210 cc


ca. 16 hp


52 mm


50 mm

Width including valve covers

385 mm

Length from engine mount to prop hub

185 mm

Weight: complete with ignition, two exhaust stacks, prop washer and prop bolts

6125 g

Ignition voltage range

4.8 - 9 V

Idle RPM

800 rpm


5500 rpm

Fiala Prop 2-blade


Static thrust with 36x14" FIALA prop:

35 kp at 4800 rpm



Fuel: Valvoline SynPower 2T / Aral Ultimate 102

The processor controlled ignition allows easy starting and a exceptionally smooth running in all throttle settings.

The recommended RPM range for the VM-210 on the ground is 4,400-5,000. Depending on the silencer, we have measured on the ground with the 36×14″ Fiala propeller 4500-4800 RPM.

For the VM 210B2-4T Mk.2 installed in the Pitts Special S1-S, we use the Fiala 36×14″ as this has proven to be ideal.

At 4800 RPM with the silencer #7293 we measured 35 kp static thrust. With the 2 in 1 silencer #7290 the VM 210 turns the 36×14″ Fiala with 4500 RPM.

We had tried many oils, but recommend Valvoline SynPower 2T oil. Our BEL-RAY H1R although excellent for two strokes, is not ideal for four strokes, as it burns very well without deposit and not much gets past the piston, as is the case by the Valvoline SynPower 2T.

We recommend Aral Ultimate 102, as the smell is not so penetrating and it can be stored without deteriorating. It does not contain any ethanol.

The fuel consumption is approximately 50% compared to that of a two-stroke engine with the same displacement. A 1000 cc fuel tank lasts for about 15-20 minutes of flying time.

VM 210 B2-4T

More Information

Ram Tube #7480: This aluminum intake ram tube is for the VM 170, VM 210 and VM R5-420. Length 60 mm, inner diameter 22 mm, weighs only 12 g.

Y-Fitting #7365: This Y-fitting makes it easy to remove the unwanted oil from the pressure tube of the carburettor. Loop-in the two “branches” into the pressure tube and extend the “trunk” about 6-12 cm to lead it to the lower side of the cowling. Place the Y-fitting underneath the carburettor and the surplus oil will be gathered into the “drainage tube” and can be dumped from time to time, without removing the cowling.

Attention: do not forget to close the tube securely with a plug!

Carbon Ram Tube #7481: This noble and super light carbon intake ram tube is made by hand in our own workshop. The intake tube is fixed to the carburetor without a gasket with the delivered custom made screws. Length 60 mm, inner diameter 22 mm, weight 7g. Suitable for VM 170, VM 210 and VM R5-420.

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