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DA- 35

The crankcase of the DA-35 is as on the DA-50 unbelievably compact and very light, which is only possible due to the single counter balance weight on the crankshaft.

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DA- 50

First introduced in March 2003, the DA-50R sets the standard in 50cc powerplants. It's perfect for any 25-30% aerobatic aircraft.

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DA- 60

The ultimate combination of performance and reliability! The DA-60 delivers excellent structural integrity, it is the latest high performance offering from Desert Aircraft for planes in the 50cc to 70cc class.

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DA- 70

Compared to other flat twin engines in its class, the DA 70 has an excellent power to weight ratio. The DA-70 out turns the DA 60 by about 400 RPM on the same prop, with a weight of only 1850 g including the ignition!

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DA- 85

The all-new DA-85 combines the low weight and the affordable price of an single-cylinder engine with the power usually only 100cc engines have.

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DA- 100L

The well proven DA-100 now even lighter and stronger! We couldn't resist adding some new features like a new reed cage, reed valve and a lighter crankcase to our 100cc engine. Here is the result: The DA-100L is now lighter, has more power and improved midrange.

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DA- 100I

The Desert Aircraft 100cc Inline - just like a DA-200! The best choice for your hight performance warbird. Due to it's smooth, DA-200 like running characteristics, the DA-100I is also a convincing aerobatic engine.

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DA- 120

The ultimate combination of performance and reliability! 120cc - and 175g lighter than the DA-100L!

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DA- 150L

Our classic design now 10% lighter! The DA-150L is the consequential further development of the DA-150. Desert Aircraft succeeded to combine a good power to weight ratio, with the proverbial smooth running characteristics of the DA-150.

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DA- 170

The new benchmark for 40% aerobatic planes. With the experience of the extremely reliable DA-150 in our mind, we created the all-new DA-170. Even stronger, with the same dimensions and weight and the same reliability as the 150.

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DA- 200

The champion of champions. After it's first presentation at the 2002 TC, the DA-200 started it's career winning every Shootout competition - and much more.


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