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Titan ZG 26 SC

“The little friend” (the Titan ZG 23SL) has a very potent update in this new Titan ZG 26SC. This is the ideal engine for the middle size 3D FunFlyers and for the not so large models.

  • Walbro pump carburettor with choke and intake trumpet.
  • New cylinder for considerably more power and efficient cooling.
  • Very thin piston ring for minimal friction and maximum power.
  • Magneto-electronic ignition with separate power coil and ignition coil, giving maximum power and smooth running.
  • Small Champion spark plug RZ7C with 10 mm thread.
  • Compact diecast crankcase.
  • Double counterbalanced crankshaft, supported in three ballbearings. Needle roller bearings in conrod.

The Titan ZG 26SC. is the result of constant development over the years. Only the front bearings, exhaust gasket and several screws are the same as the Titan ZG 22.



25.4 ccm


34 mm


28 mm

Effektive compression ratio



2.2 hp

Power with tuned pipe

>3.0 hp

Weight less muffler and motor mount

1425 g

Order no.:  #2626 - 5 Years Guarantee!

The new cylinder is the most prominent change in the outward appearance of the Titan ZG 26SC. It is not only optically perfect but the power this cylinder produces will meet the stringent demands of most 3D FunFlyers. The piston is fitted with a thin high performance single ring which considerably reduces surface friction with the cylinder. In addition to more power, this piston rings low drag, allows a lower reliable tickover speed.

The new Walbro pump carburettor with choke, simplifies the fitting of the intake bend #2587, allowing the air to be sucked out of the fuselage, and thereby silencing the intake noise. The choke eases starting and avoids the stink of petrol on the respective digit. The bellmouth intake tube is supplied with the engine.

The perfected crankcase of the Titan ZG 23SL has been adapted to the new cylinder. The outside measurements are not altered. It is not strictly necessary to use the supplied aluminium motor mount, instead the engine can be bolted directly onto a hard firewall.

The double counter balanced crankshaft constructed to take the extra power is suspended in three ball bearings, the cold forged con rod is fitted with needle bearing rollers both ends.

The two ignition modules and the flywheel are industrialy designed and produced components, developed especially for Zenoah model aicraft engines. Compared to battery ignition systems this magneto ignition is very tough and able to absorb quite an amount of abuse.

The power coil over the flywheel also contains the electronic components that sets the timing, the ignition coil is the second module. The high tension is 20,000 volts. This very high voltage is build up in a very short space of time so that even with a wet spark plug, the engine will fire. The magneto ignition, in spite of the flywheel, is hardly any heavier than a battery ignition with a reasonable sized battery.

For small glider tugs such as the “Big Lift” the Titan ZG 26SC is ideal. It uses a liter fuel for about an hours towing. The fuel can be bought cheaply at the petrol station even on Sundays.

Best two stroke mix is lead free petrol and BEL-RAY H1R at a ratio of 1:50. You need neither starter or battery. Due to the built-in pump you can place the tank where you wish. Unlike with Methanol fuels corrosion is no problem at all.

Fitting a tuned pipe to the Titan ZG 26SC will considerably increase the performance. The Stainless Steel tuned silencer #2596 is the ideal combination for low noise and high power.

Image: In order to obtain a quiet engine you must not forget to do something to reduce the considerable intake noise. For model aircraft the simplest and most effective method is to draw the intake air from inside the fuselage.

Airplane Kits

Models with Titan ZG 26 EI

North American OV-10A Bronco, built by Peter Heilmann

Model data

Scale: 1:4.8
Wingspan: 2.50 m
Length:: 2.41 m
Height: 0.95 m
Weight: 19.5 kg
Engines: 2x Titan ZG 26SC
Prop: Menz 17×8″
Radio: 10 channel, flaps, retracts, wheel brakes and lights.
Construction: Conventional Balsa/Plywood, Styro, Fibreglass.
Building time: About 1,000 hours.

Aircraft tractor

Scale: 1:5
Power: Battery powered screwdriver.
Controls: Steering, forward and backwards, flashing warning light and siren.
Construction: Ali chassis, bodywork PVC sheet material.
Building time: About 150 hours.

De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver, built by Peter Heilmann

Model's details

ARF kit from the company KMP.
Wingspan: 2.40 m
Length: 1.60 m
Weight: 8.0 kg approximately.
Engine: Titan ZG 26SC with self made silencer.
Prop: 18×8″ Menz.

Self made landing gear with oil filled shock absorbers. Extras: Anti collision flash light, wing tip lamps and landing spotlight with 1 W. LED’s. Building time 100 hours approximately.

Titan ZG Engines

Power Curves of the Titan ZG 26 SC

The Titan ZG 26SC is supplied with muffler, intake tube, carburettor servo linkage, motor mount and spark plug box spanner. The very detailed instructions provide the newcomer to petrol engines with a great deal of information and tips.

Recommended propellers are the Fiala 18×8″, 18×6″ and the 17×8″. A 500 cc tank with a cotton felt filter and fuel tubing is all you require to get in the air!

The Titan ZG 26SC turns a Fiala 18×8″ propeller at 7,400 rpm with the standard silencer fitted. This is a good 200 rpm more than the ZG 23SL with the smaller 18×6″ propeller. The Titan ZG 26SC will turn the same Fiala 18×8″ at 8,500 rpm with our tuned silencer #2596fitted.

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