Quality control

Titan ZG engines

Zenoah engines are primarily industrial units put together in flowband work. This means a very solid construction with very high quality of individual components. This is the basis which we use for our ZG engines. It is obvious by industrial mass production that everything possible is done to keep down the often biggest cost component being wages.

According to Komatsu’s information, these engines are assembled in 20 second tact in sub assemblies. Time for completion of one engine is two minutes, of course in such a tempo there is no time for fault finding not to mention correcting.

We were aware of this problem as long ago as when we handled Quadras. It was clear to us from the beginning, that every Zenoah engine sold by us must be quality controlled in our own workshop. Over the years the check lists have grown ever longer after the motto “Es gibts nichts was es nicht gibt” rather difficult to translate but roughly equates to “there exists nothing that does not exist” in other words anything is possible. We no longer concentrate only on checking; after stripping down we rebuild and readjust engines for perfection as model aircraft power plants. We employ two full time workers in the engine department who strip down each and every engine, check and clean every component before rebuild just as we would wish for our own very valuable models.

It takes on average thirty minutes per engine and cost for this time has naturally to be partof the selling price. So as a small bonus you have five years guarantee on all our Titan ZG aero-engines.

Is it worth saving a few Euros for Original Zenoah Engines from a non franchised importer that does not shy from using our trademark?

The very good name and the utter reliability of our Titan ZG engines stems not only from Japan but is “Made in Germany” by Toni Clark.

PS: Fitted to all our Titan ZG 80B twin is the Easy Start System and the HT cables are screened.