Kit Contents

The Floats Kit

  • Fully detailed Fibreglass floats
  • Streamlined struts made of sandblasted stainless steel
  • Streamlined horizontal struts made of Aluminium
  • Scale mounting system
  • Scale stainless steel retractable water rudders
  • Pulleys and cables
  • Screws and accessories.


Scale: 33% (1:3)
Float length: 1.50 m (59 in)
Weight of one float: 1.30 kg (2.85 lb)
Total weight, two floats with all struts and fittings and rudder: 3.76 kg (8.3 lb)


Complete floats kit with Fibreglass floats, struts and all fittings and parts for attachment and water rudders, OrderNo. #8808 1049.00€

Pair of Fibreglass floats, OrderNo. #8805 619.00€

Set of struts, fittings for attachment and water rudders, without floats, OrderNo. #8807 449.00€

The floats on Paolo Severin’s Piper L4 – beautifully detailed!


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