Kit Contents

Piper J3 & PA18

The complete kit, and by this we mean it really is all there in that plain brown box, right down to the last screw and nut. You have only to provide the adhesives and covering material to complete the airframe:

  • Epoxy/glass cowl
  • CNC-machined ribs, formers and other wood parts preshaped.
  • Selected longerons and spars chamfered for joining.
  • Selected balsa stripwood.
  • Spindle moulded wing struts and leading edges.
  • Landing gear pre-assembled and silver soldered.
  • Die-stamped and shaped strut metal fittings.
  • All nuts and screws.
  • CNC-milled control surface horns.
  • Ball joints, hinges and plastic parts.
  • Screwed rods and control wire.
  • Glider tow release.
  • Ball joint screwdriver for quick assembly of the model.
  • Pneumatic wheels including the tailwheel.
  • Tank with clunk filter.
  • Windscreen material.
  • Highly detailed 1:1 plans and instructions manual.
  • A CAD-plotted wing plan for precise wing construction.
  • Detailed Three View Drawing.
  • The vacuum formed imitation engine is included with the J3¬†Cub kit.

Our Piper kit is complete including fuel tank and wheels!