Headline Titan ZG 38SC

New Carburettor with Choke 

Our Titan ZG 38SC is Quality, Reliability, Precision. Since 1984 the ZG 38 and later the ZG 38S and ZG 38SC has been used very successfully by thousands of modelers in about


every type of model aircraft. From the simplest of trainers to a huge four engine Hercules weighing 64 kg and 6 meter wing span.

38 ccm
38 mm
33 mm
Power: -
2,6 hp
with Tuned Pipe:
3,2 hp
Weight: -
1800 g
without Silencer and Motormount.
Lead free petrol with BEL RAY H1R at a mixing ratio of 50:1.

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5 Years Guarantee!

Titan ZG 38SC as delivered with muffler

  • CD Magneto ignition. M-shaped coil core making for easy hand starts and with automatic ignition advance.

  • Three piece double counter weight crankshaft with big and small ends of the conrod fitted with caged roller bearings.

  • Very thin fins for super efficient cooling.

  • Pegged rings to allow maximum size of transfer passages, exhaust and inlet porting.

  • The new and larger carburettor for more power and with integral choke making starting easier with inlet manifold fitted.

Titan ZG 38SC dimensional drawing

High resolution drawing. 
PDF-file   33 KB.

The new ZG 38SC is fitted with a Walbro Carburettor and this carburettor now has an integral choke plus the cross sectional area of the throat is increased, which raises the power. The choke is especially useful when the intake manifold #3878 is fitted to draw the air out of the fuselage. With the intake ram tube inside the fuselage and no choke in the carburettor, it would be very difficult to choke the motor for starting.

The engineers at Komatsu Zenoah reworked the ZG 38 several years ago, this entailed a completely new cylinder with very thin fins with increased surface area, this reworking brought a saving in weight of 100 g, reducing total weight to 1800 g. The intake port area was increased as well as that of the transfer passages and exhaust port giving an increase in performance.

The ZG 38SC is very noteworthy for its clean die casting and neat appearance, its reliability and power to turn large propellers with ease. The rearward exhaust porting is very useful in that it allows close fitting cowls. All threads are metric. There is a loose stiffening flange in the silencer that can be used for an exhaust header pipe. The wide flange around the exhaust port is ideal for effective sealing of the flange as well as it provides a secure fixing for a larger, more efficient silencer.

The three piece crankshaft has two counter weights for optimal balancing and is supported in two very robust ball races that can take the thrust from the propeller without a lot of additional friction. The crankcase volume is kept very low, to enable as high a pressure possible to fill the combustion chamber efficiently with a fresh charge. The bypass porting is cleanly formed and laid out for maximum efficiency.

The piston has a single pegged ring. The gudgeon pin is hollow to reduce weight as much as possible on the reciprocating parts. The conrod is forged and hardened, has caged needle roller bearings both ends. The combustion chamber is almost hemispherical, transfer is by four Schnuerle transfer passages.

The very powerful ignition coil is fitted with a Mshaped core which means that by each turn of the flywheel the coil is fully charged twice, giving a very strong spark at even very low revs. There is an automatic ignition advance, this coil makes for absolute ease of starting.


The ZG38SC with engine mount #3890.
Clearly visible in the new carburettor is the choke butterfly.
To ease adjustment the main jet needle now has a cross bar.
Titan ZG 38SC with engine mount #3890

The ZG 38SC is happiest with large propellers. The Menz S 22x8" for large slow flying models and the 20x8" and 20x9" for models such as our Piper. For aerobatic models the Menz S 19x10" or the Menz 20X10" is especially suitable.

To summarize the Titan ZG 38 is a very reliable and powerful engine and above all reasonably priced for your large models. Although it is practically maintenance free it has a very long life.

Titan ZG 38SC  .................

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Motormounts for the Titan ZG 38/38S/38SC:
Three different Motormount lenghts for the Titan ZG 38 CNC turned from cold drawn aluminium. Large area flange with 94 mm diameter. Very tough and light!
Weight: 110 / 130 / 170 g.
36 mm long
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54 mm long
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72 mm long
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